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Restorative dentistry made ergonomic

Introducing Creo

Creo is the best platform to work in restorative dentistry, allowing the dentist to organise, measure and prepare tools and materials.

The perfect little hacks

that will make your life easier

Like all Justool products, Creo is smartly designed in order to pack a lot of functions and tools easily accessible on your wrist

Slots for composite

Prepare your composite material in the dedicated slots, measure how much you need and pick it up!

Anti dripping slots

Ideals to store some reagents and adhesives: prepare them and never risk to drop them by accident

Anatomies as a reference

A simple reminder to show you the anatomy of the tooth that you have to restore, change the slot to show upper or lower teeth

Measure your posts

You have many rulers on Creo: there is even one dedicated to measure tools like posts.

Prepare posts before cementation

The little holes beneath the ruler on the right are perfect to store and prepare your posts before cementation.

Clean your tools

The dedicated cleaning section is ideal for quickly removing composite from your tools

Creo is autoclavable

The silicone used to create Creo is autoclavale, easy to clean and hygienize. 
Creo was thought and designed by dentists to help their everyday work

Easy to use, easy to clean

Watch the following tutorial to learn how easy is Creo to clean
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