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MiTicA is training kit dedicated to those who want to learn how to fix difficult clinical situation in Endodontics. It’s composed by five 3d printed teeth that reproduce different complications as pulp capping, floor perforation, open apex, root perforation and micro apical surgery. All the kit is not intended as single use but can be cleaned at the end of the training session.
MTA is the perfect material to use, but also bioceramics are welcomed.

Pulp capping

Pulp capping with MiTiCa

Place your repair material inside a small hole, positioned by side inside pulp chamber

Floor Perforation

Floor perforation with MiTiCa

Place fibrine first and repair material after inside a perforation positioned in the middle of the floor. Be sharp, the challenge is also to avoid placement of the material inside root canals

Open Apex

Open Apex with MiTiCa

Try to perform a perfect direct apical plug, placing a fibrine support over the apex, under red mark and after the repair material. Three millimeters are enough, but remember that this apex has a diameter around 200.

Root Perforation

Open Apex with MiTiCa

This is a real challenging situation! Try the sandwich technique described by Styleitaliano Endodontics and place your repair material after a short gutta-percha cone. Take your time, is the most difficult tooth

Micro Apical Plug

Open Apex with MiTiCa

Fill directly Mesial root and isthmus or distal root with your preferred material. If you want to try the cut of the apex work on palatal root and fill it!

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