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Replica 6 Ledge

Lower Molar with Ledge on Mesial Buccal Canal

Managing a Ledge can be a real challenge but with training and some tips and tricks it is possible to correct it and relocate the original canal.

Replica 6 is a first lower molar with 2 roots and 3 canals.
The distal canal is wide and simple to treat.
he mesial ones are tricky to treat because of a confluence at a tight root curve.
Ideal for shaping and obturation of the confluent canals.
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Designed by Massimo Giovarruscio

Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio is a highly skilled professional, with extensive experience in endodontics, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. With over 19 years experience in dentistry, he has developed his reputation within the profession as an excellent clinician, endodontist and postgraduate lecturer.
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