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UFO = tooth model + support

Replica = tooth model only

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Ufo 1 / Replica 1

Central Upper Incisor. Single canal with 3 lateral canals.
Ideal for beginners and to demonstrate the use of warm guttapercha technique.

Ufo 4 / Replica 4

An upper premolar, with two narrow canals and a slightly curvature in Apical region.
Try it before launching in a Molar treatment!

Ufo 5 / Replica 5

An upper first molar with 4 canals. This is a typical situation for feeling as an Endodontist.
Palatal and distal canal are easy to manage, but pretty long. 
Mb1 and Mb2 are joined at apical third, but be careful, the junction management requires a good skill!

Ufo 6 / Replica 6

First lower molar with 2 roots and 3 canals.
The distal canal is wide and simple to treat. 
 he mesial ones are tricky to treat because of a confluence at a tight root curve. 
Ideal for shaping and obturation of the confluent canals.

Ufo 7 / Replica 7

Mandibular molar: a wide distal canal with a deep distal curvature in the last 2mm. 
 he mesial root has 2 independent canals without an isthmus, but with a middle mesial canal.
Ideal for feeling like a real Endo specialist!

Ufo 8 / Replica 8

Upper molar with 3 roots and 4 canals! 
Be careful in shaping distal canal because last 3mm are with a severe curvature.
Mb1 and Mb2 are really close and narrow. Be patient during scouting Mb2 it’s there!

Ufo 10 / Replica 10

Real challenging tooth, a lower second molar with 2 roots and 4 canals. 
Distal root has 2 canal merging in last 4 mm.
Mesial root has 2 independent canals and a double dangerous curvature. 
Between mesial canals there are also two small isthmus.
After shaping you will feel like a specialist.
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